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Dr. Rude - Kalavela Shot Me Down

35 184 1 146 BPM 807 days

Genre: Hardstyle

Tags: kalavela shot me down

Hardstyle music!!! An awesome song!

431 251 0 146 BPM 1300 days

Genre: Hardstyle

Tags: harder style

A ruthless blend of big room, hip-hop, tribal and trap

105 67 0 146 BPM 649 days

Genre: Big room house

Tags: stop me

JAEGER - Until Dawn

52 106 1 146 BPM 646 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: until dawn

Take/Five - Magic Flute

67 95 0 146 BPM 626 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: magic flute

Son Lux - Easy

66 94 0 146 BPM 601 days

Genre: Easy Listening

Tags: easy

Deez Nuts! [Trap Remix]

24 73 0 146 BPM 581 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: deez nuts

After dominating the cusp of 2014, the mammoth collaboration of Arcadia from Hardwell and Joey Dale, finally receives its long-awaited release this July.

283 265 0 146 BPM 1193 days

Genre: Hardstyle

Tags: Arcadia

Off all the landmarks to bless Revealed Recordings year of big room reckoning, the union of Hardwell and Joey Dale culminated in one of its proudest vocal outings to date.

341 361 0 146 BPM 1185 days

Genre: Hardstyle

Tags: Arcadia

A new Barong Family release with massive spunk. Combine Trap with Hardstyle production and Into The Madness is born.

208 442 0 146 BPM 1163 days

Genre: Hardstyle

Tags: in to the madness

Well you only need the light when it's burning low Only miss the sun when it starts to snow Only know you love her when you let her go...

1089 156 0 145 BPM 1349 days

Genre: Pop



138 369 5 145 BPM 1480 days

Genre: Electro house


Round, square, oval bitches Rich, poor, slave bitches Smart, dumb, crazy bitches Prude, horny, dirty bitches Fat, tall, skinny bitches Bi, straight, gay bitches Cool, nerdy, stuck up bitches...

706 350 2 145 BPM 1478 days

Genre: Electro house


Spooky Scary Skeletons Dubstep Remix

125 137 1 145 BPM 1111 days

Genre: Dubstep

Tags: spooky scary skeleton

Sesto Sento - Happy People Happy Music

467 623 2 145 BPM 1282 days

Genre: Freestyle house

Tags: happy people music

For 'Shotgun' they take elements from dub and ragga and combine it with the fattest trap beats imaginable to create a monster release!

9175 500 5 145 BPM 1459 days

Genre: Electro house


Skrillex - Ease My Mind with Niki & The Dove

191 122 1 145 BPM 1074 days

Genre: Brostep

Tags: ease my mind the dove

Jay-Z & Kanye West - Niggas In Paris (Onderkoffer Remix)

54 144 5 145 BPM 991 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: niggas in paris

Yellow Claw & Mightyfools team up to bring you a high energy, uptempo electro banger with massive authority. Lick Dat will have crowds going all sorts of crazy! Thats a guarantee!

150 697 0 143 BPM 1286 days

Genre: Electro house

Tags: lick dat eat pussy bitch

My national Anthem!

961 300 0 142 BPM 1480 days

Genre: Electro house


Benasis - Atom Bomb

58 111 1 142 BPM 668 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: atom bomb

Take/Five - Pompeii

29 87 0 141 BPM 780 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: pompeii

In this music video for his single Ratchet from the #NEWGOREORDER album, BORGORE spoofs a galactic council of super intelligent aliens who have come to Earth to determine whether or not to exterminate the human race.

2495 206 0 140 BPM 1132 days

Genre: Big room house

Tags: ratchet

Moombahton is the new reggaeton... in every way.

36 131 0 140 BPM 779 days

Genre: Dubstep

Tags: earthquake people

My first song since my new alias is OUT NOW! Thanks a lot for your amazing feedbacks so far!

70 83 0 140 BPM 754 days

Genre: Dubstep

Tags: wanna

O.T Genasis - CoCo (Onderkoffer Trap Remix)

267 124 0 140 BPM 991 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: coco

Dutch DJ/MC trio Dirtcaps adds an exciting new chapter to its ever evolving musical adventures with this Boss It Up EP. Featuring the vocals of Jamaican lyricist The Kemist the EPs titletrack is a crafty trip into reggaeton/trap music, while the Gianni Marino collab What U Got explores the more bass heavy grounds of reggaeton dance floors. Third track World On Fire takes things even deeper with downtempo but massive beats, creating mayem together with Dutch master Raynor Bruges. Trap till you drop!

41 120 5 140 BPM 984 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: world on fire


79 127 1 140 BPM 905 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: hold it down

Cool stuff from Kris Kross here, blending R&B and hiphop with heavy electronics. Until The Morning foremost focuses on the soulful vocals, but the Amsterdam crew takes things to rougher grounds as the drop explores raw trap music, filled with sneaky sound effects. Heavy hitter!

101 135 0 140 BPM 892 days

Genre: Trap

Tags: until the morning

KSHMR - The Spook ft. BassKillers & B3nte

101 160 1 135 BPM 962 days

Genre: Melbourne bounce

Tags: spook

LORDE - Team

200 137 1 133 BPM 1349 days

Genre: Pop

Tags: lorde team

SICK DROP, massive epic BEAST db

3187 1366 5 133 BPM 1424 days

Genre: Electro house